Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fun Colorful Cartoon Owls Creeper / Crown Princess Infant Bodysuit / Colorful Train Baby Bodysuit / Sweet Baby Crawler Tshirt / Baby Album Binders, & Birth Announcements

Baby Clothes, Baby Album Binders, & Birth Announcements
brought to you by Dizzy Debbie

Fun Colorful Cartoon Owls Creeper

Adorable baby's one piece bodysuit. Cartoon graphics of lots of whimsical colorful owls and blue polka dots decorate this cute onesie. Customize to add any text. Great gift idea.

Crown Princess Infant Bodysuit

Sweet baby girls creeper bodysuit, with pink graphic text reading Little Princess, with a pink crown, on top. Perfect gift idea for a baby shower. Customize if you want to add any text. Chose style of shirt or infant onesie you want this design on, and also size.

Colorful Train Baby Bodysuit

Sweet baby one piece bodysuit, with graphics of a colorful toy train and blocks that read BABY, under the train. Stylish infant onesie that makes a great baby shower gift. Moms will love the bright colors and fun design.

Sweet Baby Crawler Tshirt

Sweet baby boy's bodysuit, with cute graphics of a whimsical blue baby carriage. Blue text below reads, This is how I roll, and is customizable to read anything you want. Adorable crawler for the new baby, and makes a great baby shower gift.

Country Angel Children T-shirt

Sweet country style graphics of a girl angel holding a teddy bear. Text under angel reads, 100% Angel and is fully customizable to read anything you wish. Chose what top you want this adorable cherub on, baby's onesie, tees, childrens tops or even a t-shirt for you, you decide.

Whimsical Polka Dot Baby Photo Binder

Pretty pink, green, and white custom baby album binder, with graphics of whimsical polka dots, on the back cover and spine. A bright pink front cover has a polka dot framed round photo area, in the middle. Customize by adding your baby's photograph and the text to suit your needs. Purchase your choice of inserts at your local craft, office supply, or discount store. Makes an adorable baby album / scrapbook.

Baby Photo Toy Train Binder

Pretty pastel baby photo binder, made with a pastel floral pattern background. A blue line runs horizontal across the binder, with a cut out area for your photograph. Cute graphics of a cartoon train decorates the bottom of the photo and a blue text area is at the bottom of the binder. Personalize the text to say anything you want, and add your own photo to make this an adorable baby album / scrapbook or for anything you want. Purchase the inserts at your local discount or office supply store.

Stylish Pink Baby Scrapbook Binder

Lovely photo scrap book binder done in whimsical trendy colors of stripes and polka dot circles. A place for your favorite baby photograph, on the front cover is accented with graphics of a brown ribbon and bow. Name on the spine is customizable to read anything you wish. Charming album great for any age not just babies. Use as a photo album, scrap book, school note book, pet records, wedding album, and so many more uses. Add your favorite inserts from your local office supply or discount store.

Toy Keys Baby Photo Album Binder

Sweet pink baby photo album binder, with white polka dots, and graphics of a set of baby keys. Personalize for your baby by customizing the text, change text style, size, or color.

Striped Baby Boy Album Binder

A blue, green, yellow, and white baby album binder with stripes and polka dots, and a cute little smiling cartoon baby. Customize with your text to personalize for your own new baby.

Pink Hearts Cartoon Baby Girl Birth Announcement

Cute baby girl birth announcement, with a pink gingham ribbon, with pink hearts, at the top and sweet cartoon graphics of a baby girl. Text is fully customizable to suit your needs, even add more text on the back if you need to. Adorable way to notify friends and family of the new arrival.

Blue Polka Dot Baby Boy Birth announcement

Sweet baby boy birth announcement done in a pretty blue and white polka dot pattern. A big blue ribbon and bow decorates the top of the card and a baby bottle in the bottom left corner. An oval text area has blue customizable text ready for your information. Adorable way to let family and friends know of your happy news.

Angel Statue Custom Birth Announcement

Elegant custom birth announcement for girls. Done in black and white, with pink accents, this baby announcement is lovely. A black and white photograph of a sweet cherub angle statue highlights the right side of the card. Personalize the text with your baby girl's birth information. Available for boys also.

Stylish Pink and White Baby Girl Announcement

Lovely baby girl announcement done in a pale pink, with graphics of white silhouette style birds, trees, flowers, and a little rabbit. A photo area, in the middle of the card is ready for your baby's first photograph, and the dusty rose colored text is fully customizable to read what you want. Beautiful way to show off your newborn to friends and family.

Boy Movie Star Baby announcement

Cute graphics of a crawling baby and a movie clap board. A new rising star is born and you can customize this great announcement card with all the details, and if you want to add your babies picture just replace it with the baby clip art. Everyone will love this when they receive your news.

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